Wild Tuscany: Malbacco’s natural pools

Cascata di Malbacco

This summer I went to Tuscany for a week, in a hamlet of Viareggio. Me and my friends spent our days there both wandering on the beautiful sand beaches and exploring the area… at least we would have liked to. Unfortunately for us it rained for two days, and I also got a cold for having walked around Lucca under the storm. Despite this, we didn’t stop and we decided to go visiting one of the most famous naturalistic spot of the Apuan Alps Regional Park: the Malbacco’s Polle.

Stories from Positano: love between sun and lemons

After never-ending bends, with a breathtaking view always by your side, at the Amalfi Coast beginning, hidden between Punta Germano and Capo Sottile, there you’ll find Positano, a shining jewel of the Sorrento peninsula. Positano is a hearth-beating town. In the morning, when the fishermen come back from the sea, the tourists start to crowd the roads and the flowers’ smell intensifies, blended with the scent of lemons, olives and prickly pears.