About me

about me

Hi everybody!

I’m Giulia, an 23-year-old girl, addicted to every type of travelling: from the discovery of a city’s hidden place, to on holiday by the sea, an hiking in the mountains or a bike ride with some friends.
I live near Milan, in Italy (but I have Genoa in my heart – thanks to my mum), and I go to university. My greatest ambition in life is to find a job that can allow me to travel all over the world.


How Puntine sul mondo was born

When I was younger I often created imaginary worlds: I was a really bookworm, especially for fantasy novels, and so I started to imagine galaxies, planets and their inhabitants with their features. As I grew up, I realized that a beautiful world already exists, and I didn’t need to create a new one to admire a breath-taking landscape or to hear different languages; this way, I began to be interested in “my” world, and want to visit the furthest corner of it, experience everything, taste the weirdest and spiciest dish ever.

I took my first plane at 16 months: in that moment, my fate has been sealed; when I was 5 years old, I fed some squirrels on a roundabout in Miami; at 9, in Tunisia, I rode a camel later nicknamed as “the smiling camel”, because of the smile he did when we took a picture with; at 11 I was brutally beaten by a napoleon fish in the Red Sea; at 13, my mum and I swam with dolphins in the Atlantic Ocean and, at a camp in Austria, I skateboarded between two trees, hanging on ropes; at 14 I went to London, on my first study-trip, and, a few days before, my dad and I climbed the wrong mountain in Valle d’Aosta (but we arrived safe and sound, just a little hungry); during the same year New Year’s night I won a sledges race under the moonlight; at 15 I caught my first intercontinental flight on my own; lastly, when I was 16 I decided to start this blog, in order to write about all these experiences.

In this little Internet’s corner I would share with you my adventures, discoveries and times of growth; my emotions, opinions, all the wonders seen in my “pins“.
I hope they could involve and encourage you to travel, because visit your dreams places, achieve your own goals, learn about different cultures and do a lot of experiences, are some of the best satisfactions and feelings you could ever have.

Hope someone will follow me in this journey. Enjoy the reading!


Other facts about me

The blog’s name comes from those people – including me – that used to mark the visited place on a planisphere, even though, personally, I don’t do it this way.
Before I started the blog, I found an unusual map on which you have to remove the brown patina and uncover the color below, like a scratch card. My aim is to color it all, to travel the whole world.
I’ll succeed.


If you want, you could contact me writing to puntinesulmondo@gmail.com
You can also find me on: