Stories from Positano: love between sun and lemons

After never-ending bends, with a breathtaking view always by your side, at the Amalfi Coast beginning, hidden between Punta Germano and Capo Sottile, there you’ll find Positano, a shining jewel of the Sorrento peninsula.

Positano is a hearth-beating town.
In the morning, when the fishermen come back from the sea, the tourists start to crowd the roads and the flowers’ smell intensifies, blended with the scent of lemons, olives and prickly pears.
In the afternoon, while in the streets boutiques display their best dresses, people enjoy the sun by the sea, on the small beaches or in a cafe, having a refreshing drink.
At last, in the evening, when sun sets over the water and lights go on, the restaurants are filled with the joy of laughs and toasting goblet; an Italian song plays nearby.


Positano hides details in all of his corners.
Tourists wander around the streets with eyes full of beauty and sweated foreheads due to the endless stairways.
The colors of this place are mixed together: red and its shades are reflected in fruit, houses and people’s flushed cheeks, the yellow of plates and lemons shines in the sun, blue dresses turn into sea and sky, whilst a bright green frames the buildings and white lights up the scene.


Positano is a village founded by love; the love of Poseidon, sea god, for a beautiful nymph, Pasitea. Well, right here love has reached its peak and greatest day: Positano was the background for a wedding, my half Italian and half American uncles’ one.

We spent three days in mid-September pampered by Campania’s warm sun and by the cheerfulness of locals, staying in the ceremony’s location, Villa Oliviero, whose high ground showed us a spectacular view.


My uncles could fulfill their love in a beautiful spot, surrounded by their families and by this place’s natural elegance.
Wedding colors matched location’s brightful landscape, through the blue of sky and sea, the white and yellow of shining sun; roses, dress, bride’s face, everything was perfect in its simplicity. Only joy was in the air, along with saltiness and decorative candles’ smoke.

After the ceremony, which was tenderly taken both in English and in Italian by their close friend at sunset, there was a sequence of festive moments, from buffet, to conversations and hug, then the dinner, speeches and toasts, happy music and emotional moments, dancing and the final tiredness; everything was captured by Sergio Sorrentino’s camera.


That day was intense, deeply emotional, meanwhile Positano attended every second with proper lights, proper breeze and the right amount of charm that its beauty left in our heart and mind.

Positano by night


Film Photography: Sergio Sorrentino


Author: Giulia

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  1. so beautifully written Giulia!! brings back all the best memories I have of Positano! let’s go back already!!! :))))

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