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If you are wondering what Allergies on travel is, this is the post where I explain it: Problems sometimes become solutions: that’s “Allergies on travel”



Everyone could find himself in a particular situation, comfortable or not, and could face it in several ways. I’m now talking to you, readers: if you want to share with me some of your “allergy episodes” happened in your journeys, if you need some advices, or maybe if you just want to let me know a place that you had enjoyed and where you were given the right attentions (or, why not, even where you did not received a satisfied treatment and you want to advise us against it), I will be totally at your disposal, for everything; you just have to write me an e-mail at, telling me about what happened, and we will decide together how to share your experience with the others, so that we can help other travellers!

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