Street view

Travelling isn’t my only passion. I love capturing the moments, taking pictures of places, details, colors, lights; in this way I can make the places where I am mine, taking them with me, as if they were a luggage. People are the subjects I prefer to photograph, because I believe they’re the essence of every part of this world, along with buildings, landscape, history and food.
Since I consider this fact as an important travel reality, I decided to create a series of themed posts, called Street view, where I try to describe my destinations through the photos of some streets details, artists or just the people I met. Here you can find all the post about it!


San Francisco and its realities
The Golde Gate Bridge by the sea, San Francisco


INFO: All the photos you find in this blog were taken by me, with cell phones (normally I try to avoid it, but in extremis..) or with my Canon EOS 1100D.

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